Friday, May 25, 2012

Libertarian Republicans "Enthusiastically Endorse" Palin's Choice (With Video) Cruz In Texas GOP Primary

The Editor Eric Dondero, a Texas voter "enthusiastically endorses" Ted Cruz's candidacy which candidacy received the endorsement of Sarah Palin.

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012

TX Senate candidate Ted Cruz releases ad with Sarah Palin endorsement

From Eric Dondero:
It's getting down to the wire in the hotly contested Texas Senate GOP primary to replace retiring Sen. Kay B. Hutchison. Most observers agree, Lt. Governor Dewhurst is likely to squeek by in the first round, but then faces a very tough challenge in the run-off against likely 2nd place finisher Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz.
In this latest ad, Sarah Palin affirms her support.
Pro-defense libertarians may be wondering where he stands on foreign policy. The race has been much more about budgetary matters. And there appears to be few differences between the candidates on military/defense. Cruz has expressed skepticism of nation-building at taxpayer expense, he does recognize the threat of Islamism.
In a Memorial Day video message just released by the Cruz campaign he asserts:
These are American’s Veterans…
In World War ll they fought Tyranny…..
During the Cold War they battled Communism…….
In our Generation they Serve Valiantly to Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism……..
Editor's note - As a Texas voter, I enthusiastically endorse Ted Cruz for US Senate.

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