Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Media Changing Attitude To Palins? A Delightful Bristol Palin Mother/Child Photo & Article

From The Daily Mail-a positive piece on the Palin's for a change with a delightful mother and child photograph. You can read the whole piece AT THIS LINK. Has the media decided to, finally, give the Palin's a fair go (after she is safely, for them, no threat to Obama)? Yesterday saw the very positive article on Sarah from a self-confessed liberal "Palin my new BFF" AT THIS LINK.

First look: Bristol Palin and three-year-old son in promotional photograph for new reality show Life's a Tripp

Her reality show promised to feature 'a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world,' when it was announced earlier this year.  
And, judging by a new promotional photograph, Bristol Palin's cute-as-a-button son Tripp will also be playing a major part in the forthcoming Lifetime programme, entitled 'Life's A Tripp. 
The picture features the smiling daughter of Sarah Palin crouching down next to the blonde three-year-old who is equally cheery. 
First look: Bristol Palin and her cute sonTripp in a promotional photograph for her new reality show
First look: Bristol Palin and her cute son Tripp in a promotional photograph for her new reality show 
The show will chronicle Bristol and Tripp's journey from her hometown in Wasilla, Alaska to Los Angeles, where they move after Bristol lands a job with a non-profit organisation. 
'I was game for it,' the 21-year-old tells TV Guide. 'I wanted to show how down-to-earth my family and I are.'

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