Thursday, May 17, 2012

Left's New Civility At Last;"Telling Bristol (Palin)She Should Kill Herself Plays Into Her Hands'

At last we have an example of the lefts "new civility" (as ordered by President Obama) and it is directed to a Palin!!!

A personage named Erin Gloria Ryan at the mass market leftist "Jezebel" site has told her fellow lefties to, well just cut it out with the death threats, and the fat comments and the "you should have been aborted" comments.

Not, apparently because such things are childish, uncivil, pathetic and a good example of what passes for dialogue from the left, but because wishing someone dead just plays into their fiendish conservatives hands!

Ryan's column, entitled "Please stop contributing to Bristol Palin's persecution complex" AT THIS LINK
is utterly juvenile, filled with unproven taunts "(Palin is a "homophobe") and cursing. The premise that calling for someone's death is wrong because it gives them a political edge is barbaric. But apart from that the most ridiculous statement is this;

"Not only is wishing death on someone tacky as fuck, it gives people like Bristol ammunition. If there's anything a Palin loves, it's taking one example of extreme behavior from the left, building it into a giant hollow straw man, and then stuffing it full of everyone who disagrees with her — if one person is telling Bristol to light herself on fire, they all are!"

"One example" Ms. Ryan? The amount of "extreme behaviour from the left against the Palin's over the last four years would run, literally in the millions of examples. Take a look at the comments section at Huffington Post when an article about a Palin appears. 

Better yet how about the bedmate of Jezebel, the execrable "Wonkette" which had all its advertising cancelled because they ran an article calling Palin's son a "retard". Or this person who called for Sarah Plain  to be "offed" 

How about the relentless campaign by leftists (started by the equally vile Daily Kos" which attacked Palin for supposedly creating fiction that her son Trig was not really hers? If Ms. Ryan received  1% of the trash thrown at her that the Palin's have she would understand what it means to be victimized. As it is she has given yet another example of leftist doublethink.

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