Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Irrelevant" Palin Posts Get 4500 Page Views On My Little Blog

For someone the leftist media and bloggers have written off as irrelevant, Sarah Palin seems to somehow still attract a lot of interest, if the responses to my little blog are any indication.

Over the last three days I have posted on Palin's address to the Extraordinary Women of Faith conference in Alabama, and President Obama's "pit bull" attack on her at the White House Press function.The responses, as collated by Blogger come to, so far, over 4,500 page views.

Of course I am not making any claims that this blog has extraordinary traffic-the opposite, especially in this context, is the case. If this site can receive 4.5k hits then what the sum of page views on Palin across the Internet must be I can't imagine. The key fact is that once again another anti-Palin leftist meme is shot out of the water, along with the now quiescent "Sarah who" which did the rounds of leftist sites a few months ago.

The haters say of course that the Kardashians also get a lot of page views, but of course the views and comments don't come from political activists, and President Obama doesn't consider them to be political enemies I would imagine.

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