Friday, May 25, 2012

Unforgivable For John To Have Placed This Incompetent Potentially An Heartbeat From The Presidency

Unforgivable of John McCain Kerry To have Placed Utterly Reprehensible Palin Edwards Potentially A Heartbeat From Presidency (Fixed)

There, I have fixed the meme the left has run with for the last four years. Whenever Sarah Palin says anything newsworthy out come the leftist gang of snide commentators, and one of their favorite remarks is to damn John McCain with faint praise.

This usually runs along the lines of "McCain is a patriot, sure, but I will never forgive him for placing that dingbat a heartbeat away from the presidency."

Not that anyone cares whether the commentator forgives McCain of course, and of course that preamble is just a set-up to then go on to attack Palin, whilst at the same time seeming generous-which fools nobody.

That Palin was a highly competent governor, took on the entrenched corrupt elements, kept McCain's faltering campaign above Obama's in the polls and, according to CNN's exit polling had a positive effect on voters choice in 2008 is ignored of course.

What is also ignored-totally is a genuine case of an incompetent and reprehensible person being chosen by the Democrats in 2004. If Kerry had won, the truly faulty John Edwards would have been a heartbeat away from the presidency-and in that office the pressures and dangers could cause anything to happen.

To have such a morally flawed person chosen as a potential president escapes the leftist commentators, who prefer to ignore  it, or if they do say anything, it is along the lines of "well all politicians do it, not just the Dem's." They then proceed to attack Palin, who, compared to Edwards, is a saint. And, as to which was more qualified to have been vice-president, Palin is to Edwards as Washington is Jimmy Carter.

In the meantime the left continues on with their childish Palin bashing, using McCain as their foil whilst Edwards continues on with the reported womanizing

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