Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today's Utter Doom & Gloom Economic Collapse Articles (Warning;Not For The Nervous)

I have taken to the seeming endless flood of utter doom and gloom economic forecasts from the major financial sites, especially 
"The Market Oracle" like a duck to water. They are amazing in their predictions of utter catastrophe and the apocalyptic language of some of them is startling.

Warning for those of a nervous nature the article below "Greece Exit, Eurozone Collapse, Spain and Portugal Will Follow In 6 months" is hair raising (and I don't even have hair! ) Hide your money under your mattress, then get under the bed it appears.

Whilst some of these writers are obvious shills for gold, or whatever financial services they are peddling (mostly "subscribe to our insider newsletter to beat the market") most are particularly bemusing for their incredibly arcane and complicated charts and graphs with their "double inverted head and shoulders" and other such mumbo jumbo lingo.

I think that perhaps there is more for the academic social scientist, or members of the psychiatric profession to glean from  amongst some of these prognosticators, rather than the general public. 

I hold to the view, and call me old fashioned, that I think that if anyone actually held the key to the future through charts and graphs, which would do a necromancer proud, they would be quietly sitting back counting their billions instead of writing articles.

I note too  that, once again, the brightest and the best have lost billions in trading for a major bank. Perhaps the charts were upside down or something. And of course where were 99% of the financial experts warnings just before the 2008 collapse commenced?

Nevertheless there is enjoyment and astonishment to be received from pursuing some of these mind boggling headlines which can be linked to.

Greece Exit, Euro-Zone Collapse, Spain and Portugal Will Follow Within 6 Months

Which Stocks Will Lose the Most in the Coming Energy Bloodbath

Plunging Commodity Prices Are Ominous For Stock Market!

Global Debt Crisis, There Is Not Enough Money On Planet Earth

Stock Market Crash Like in 1987 If Stocks Rally Without QE3

US Housing Market Crash to result in the Second Great Depression

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