Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leftist Daily Kos; Unionists Who Support Gov.Walker "Ain't Giving My Taxes To N*gg*rs & Sp*cks"

That the radical left is elitist is proven so often it is a sealed in stone truth. That is the nature of socialism from its foundation.  Major socialist revolutions were led by middle to upper class elites who, as they knew better than the common herd, instituted a no dissidence regime.

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky et al are just a few examples.

This elitism continues on in the watered down leftism in its radical American version as typified by sites like "Daily Kos." When the working class, especially union members don't meet the herd mentality required by the intelligentsia, then some of the egotists are puzzled by the phenomenon.

Fortunately there are members of the left at Kos who can put them right. Anyone in a union who doesn't agree with the elitist line-in this instance that Governor Walker of Wisconsin must be beaten all costs is a moron and against "n*gg*rs and Sp*cks." 

This is an aspect of President Obama's call for a "new civility" that the left has not yet taken up-or is this example actually an improvement on their previous thinking.

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