Friday, May 4, 2012

It's OK For Ann & Michelle To Have Expensive Clothes Being Rich But Palin, Being Poor Was Castigated.Hypocrisy Abounds.

First the Dem's/lib media attacked Ann Romney for wearing expensive clothes. 

Then the Republican's turned the table and attacked Michelle Obama for wearing even more expensive clothes. 

At that point, of course, the lib media turned tack and started to close down the story, whilst the leftist commentators started chanting in unison "who cares what they wear it's the policies that matter, and anyway it is their money etc.

Where were all the people who are commenting now about "who cares how much they spend on clothes' when the Dem's/media were attacking Palin, a genuinely low income person, who was given clothes by the RNC? 

When a Dem spends a fortune then that doesn't matter to hypocrites.

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