Friday, May 4, 2012

Obama Was Such A Gift To The GOP He Deserves Another Term

The election of Obama as president in 2008 has turned into the greatest gift the GOP could have received. 

Sure the baubles of office and plum jobs have not gone to the party big wigs, and it has been hard on the nerves for conservatives to see a Dem in the White House, but history grinds slowly but surely to the better, and Obama is a key part of the mechanism.

Let's be honest, if McCain had been elected does anyone think that the economy would have miraculously healed by now and unemployment for example would be at say 6%?

The deficit might, just might, be smaller but it would still be massive and if, as in Europe, massive austerity measures were in place the economy, which would heal eventually, would be in a miserable state.

The social dislocation, the rantings from the leftist media, the violent street demonstrations would have brought a massive swing to the left and the mid-terms would have brought an House with the ability to veto, and a Senate with the ability to pass any measure. 

Given the certainty of the election of a far left Dem president in 2012-imagine an Obama with a massive majority in Congress-which is probably what would be happening this November, the Dem's would have an eight year radical presidency. Plus a congressional majority similar to Roosevelt's, and probably for as long as his was.

Instead after two years of basically nothing getting done, except for Obama's health care legislation, which will most likely be overturned by the Supreme Court shortly, the Obama administration enabled;

1. The creation of a massive grass roots organization, the Tea Party, which politicized and brought together conservatives in unprecedented numbers.

2. The Tea Party overturned liberal Republicans in many primary battles, and fought and won a landslide in the House elections which totally neutered any legislative ability the Obama administration had, and will have. going forwards.

3 The Obama election exposed for all to see the massive liberal bias in the media, and never again will they be able to shape public opinion the way they did  in 2008, especially as there is now a substantial conservative blogosphere in place.

4. The Obama election exposed that there was an outright communists in a White House appointment, which led to a resignation. Also exposed  was the utter incompetence of key administration officials, thus exploding any attempts to push the concept of the Dem's being superior administrators.

5. The Obama administration will have to carry the burden of a still poorly performing economy, and the Dem's will totally own it in 2016 when their candidate, like McCain was, will be burdened with his/her predecessors disasters.

6.The greatest gift ensuing from Obama's elections will be another Dem added to the Carter list of failed presidencies and the ensuing "you can't trust them" message. 

7. To crown things off there will be the election, finally, of a true conservative. Obama's defeat of Romney will allow a Palinite, if not Palin herself, to get the nomination and to reap the benefit of the "time for a change" 2016 election.The resulting Republican congressional majority will ensure a reform minded, social conservative and economically responsible government

The Republic is still standing after four years of the Obama administration, and will be still standing after another four. 

The odd bit of liberal legislation that the administration might be able to push through a heavily GOP controlled Congress will not shake the country to its foundations. Eight years will have been a bitter pill to swallow for many conservatives but the eventual result of a return to normalcy will prove to have been worth it. 

I will only vote for the GOP's down-ticket in November, writing in a presidential choice. Thus adding my little bit to what I believe is the working out of a positive destiny for America.

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