Friday, May 4, 2012

Conservatives Apocalyptic View of Obama's Re-election Does The Cause No Favors

Yes I can certainly understand the depth of feeling that so many conservatives have towards the Obama administration. 

Who would not feel aggrieved at the massive deficits, the media bias, the poor administration, the scandals, the outing and resignation of a communist White House appointee and so many other grievous problems that have beset the country since January 2009?

There is most certainly a  place for righteous anger, this blog has sailed close to vehemence, and even hyperbole from time to time, but has not crossed over into apocalyptic territory.

In a democracy everyone  has of course the right to their opinion, no matter how unusual or volatile it may seem to others. On the other hand, in the battle for public opinion, especially that of the growing number of independents who decide elections, I would venture that severe language is not a winning formula in the battle for hearts and minds. 

Certainly one could gain adherents to the cause from like minded individuals, but gaining a majority is another  matter in the world of real politic.

Thus a gentle note to my conservative friends in the blogosphere, I share your passion and I to want to see a real conservative president and Congress, I believe however that we have to temper our pronouncements to fit the wider audience we wish to address.

Some may genuinely believe, as I have seen written so often, that the re-election of President Obama will mark the end of the Republic. But, honestly, in the cold light of day and reason, is it really possible that a president who has lost his majority in Congress and thus will be neutered politically, basically a lame duck from day one, can "destroy" America?

Talk of a "communist takeover" and other such misgivings makes conservatives the easily lampooned target of leftist comedians and blogs. It does the cause no good to be target of satirists as living in a McCarthyite witch hunt past. Nor does promoting conspiracy theories about Obama being born in Kenya and other such fantasy's.

There is enough to attack the administration on with genuine fervour and cool reason, which can better achieve the end result we on the right look for I believe.

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