Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cenk Uygur's "Power Panel" Gives the Most Grudging "Yes" To "Did Palin Make A Difference In Fischer's Nebraska Win

This must take the cake for leftist begrudging condescension towards Palin-and that is saying something! Palin will be pleased to know she is apparently carving out a career of sorts and may, just may, have a future in journalism like these magnificent stalwarts of independent thinking.

Cenk asks his Power Panel — James Poulos of The Daily Caller and Benjy Sarlin from Talking Points Memo — how much of an impact Sarah Palin’s robo-calls supporting Deb Fischer affected the Nebraska GOP primary for Senate, which Fischer ultimately won. “Give her some credit,” Poulos says. “There is evidence that Palin’s endorsement didn’t hurt.” Sarlin says, “There’s so much going on already, it’s hard to tell what the decisive factor was.”

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