Thursday, May 10, 2012

Woman Allegedly Tweets "Palin Should Be Offed" And Shows Own Photo (Reproduced). Authorities To Act? Left Show Outrage?

This Tweet, reproduced from the major website "Addictomatic" quotes a person apparently calling for the murder of Sarah Palin.

When the link was clicked it brought up the alleged tweet with the exact words "that's one bitch that needs to be offed"

It, the  Tweet shows the image of a woman and her links. If this alleged quote and image actually belongs to the person illustrated then surely the authorities have the absolute imperative to take action.

If this apparent incitement to murder, by whomever it was created, was directed against a member of the administration, no doubt there would be howls from the left. If the message had the illustration of a white man the howls would be even louder.

Why should Sarah Palin  be the subject of such a call for her death-or anyone for that matter. If the authorities don't act against the website involved. and the left do nothing. then it will be clear to all that Palin's life, or the life of any conservative is up for grabs.

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