Saturday, May 5, 2012

Romney Denying Palin A Prime Speaking Spot In Tampa The Ultimate Suicidal Insult

Even a casual perusal of the comments section at the Palin supporting sites like Conservatives4Palin will see a recurring theme. The attitude to Mitt Romney runs from grudging support to outright hostility.

For those expressing total abhorrence of the idea of Romney being the standard-bearer their negativity to him finds expression in a commitment to voting down-ticket (whilst writing in Palin) if not staying at home in total disgust at "having yet another RINO shoved down our throats." Even if Palin endorses Romney they still will not vote for him

On the next level there are those who consider that, as Palin states, "anyone but Obama" means they will hold their nose and pull the lever for him, whilst not expecting any real conservatism from his administration should he win. Even amongst those folks a number are waiting to see if Palin actually endorses Romney before making their decision.

However there is a common thread running through all the statements of those adamantly opposed, and the hold their nose groups, and that is how they will react to how Palin is  treated by the Romney forces at the GOP convention in Tampa.

Even amongst the hold their nose group there is a bitterness as to how they perceived Palin has been treated by the GOP establishment. They see her as being left out to dry by the etsablishment by not being defended over the "Game Change" hack job, the Gifford's "blood libel" incident, the backstabbing by the McCain forces, and the insult from the Bush clan.

They hold that if this lack of support is compounded by not giving Palin a key, prime time, speaking role at Tampa then all support for Romney will be withheld. Giving Palin a ten minute slot early in the afternoon, or late at night, would not cut it either. For such a high profile, former VP candidate with a massive and loyal following to be given any such fobbing off will be seen as the ultimate insult.

If the Tea Party/Palin following is so visibly insulted it would be suicidal for the Romney forces surely, especially in a close election. 

Palin has wisely rented a site near the hall where she can talk directly to her supporters, the whole GOP, and the media. This will ensure she will have a voice either inside or outside the convention. If the Romney forces drive Palin outside then on their heads be it.

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