Wednesday, May 9, 2012

After Obama Same Sex Marriage Support Should Conservatives Vote Romney & Not Abstain?

After the obvious Biden same sex marriage trial balloon showed the (media)
 world did not stop spinning on its axis as would be expected from an overwhelming leftist media supported by the entertainment industry President Obama finally "came out" and endorsed same sex marriage.

I am not going to go into his flip-flopping or hypocrisy-let the far left do that. What is at issue here for conservative Christians is, I think, the question as to how they might vote, or not, under these "new" circumstances.

I have posted that I will not vote for Romney but will vote Republican down ticket. My reasons are that although I think that Romney is totally honest in his faith it is that honesty that is the problem. 

If any person holds to what Christians have described, rightly as "another Gospel (as St. Paul put it) then they are putting up an alternative to Christianity. that is not acceptable to the founders nor to me.

Further to put someone who holds to "another Gospel" especially one which has no foundation in historical reality, in the ultimate position of power, gives it an unwarranted creditability. and finally one has to consider the mindset of an intelligent person who holds to preposterous views and how he or she would react in a crisis.

The does president Obama's new position on same sex marriage affect my conservative attitude to voting  for Romney? Not one jot. 

As shown in North Carolina, which after Biden's statement voted  to join 30 other states which disallow same sex marriage, bully pulpit statements have no effect on the thinking of voters. In fact no state has allowed same sex marriage by popular vote.

Nothing has changed as long as the states have the constitutional right to determine their own societal laws. A re-elected Obama will not be able to force his views, whatever they are expediently on the day, on the states. 

An elected Romney, will not be able to force New York and the other states which allow same sex marriage to change their laws. On the other hand an elected Romney will give unwarranted credence to Mormonism and bring an alternative Gospel to a wider public.

The Republic will still be standing after another four years of Obama, who will most likely be a lame duck from day one of a second term having a GOP congress against him. Christianity and its values are however immortal and should not be allowed to be watered down by another Gospel. I will vote accordingly.

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