Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Left (Kos) Hilariously Spins Fischer's (Palin's Endorsed Senate Candidate)Win"Now Voters Can Vote For Obamacare"

I was wondering how the left could possibly denigrate the power of Sarah Palin after having mounted the ridiculous "Sarah Who? and "Palin is now irrelevant" memes. They did a trial run of "well perhaps palin's endorsement can help win a primary campaign but it wont work in the general elections"

Sadly for them and that theme it fell like a lead balloon when it was pointed out that so far 62% of Palin's picks who made it to general elections beat their Dem opponents. Nice try but no cigar.
So now what for the left? they have completely shot their bolt as far as running down Palin and her family with the McGinniss hatchet job. The "Game Change" movie disaster was seen for what it was right from the start, a failed attempt to destroy Palin's presidential run-which of course never took place. the "Palin is an idiot meme who doesn't know Africa is a continent is pretty stale as anyone can see she is highly intelligent and well spoken/read via her various speeches and television appearances.

So enter the new leftist attack. from Daily Kos AT THIS LINK Yes, they admit that Palin made Fischer's win possible but apparently that is all to the good for the left. It seems that what was totally rejected by the Nebraskan voters, the Obama administration and especially its Obamacare, is what they will vote for in November! 
The GOP candidates polled well ahead of the Dem's primary vote and if you follow the comments section at the link to the Daily Kos article below you will see that Fischer is way out in front of the sitting Dem senator in the latest polls-and that was before her big win tonight.

What is the most hilarious thing about the Kos article is the call for a"reach across the aisle" sort of candidate i.e. Kerrey, to be the ideal. This from the most partisan rabidly leftist foaming at the mouth liberal site which actually pushed the idea that Bush and Cheney were going to create Marshall Law rather than give up office to Obama. When it suits them they apparently see the lion reposing with the lamb as the way to go.

So now the new meme is that Palin is their gift giving friend-how did that work out for the Dems in the 2010 elections?
"In a major upset, State Senator Deb Fischer tallied 40% of the Nebraska GOP US Senate Primary vote to earn the right to face ex-Senator Bob Kerrey in the race to replace retiring Ben Nelson. Kerrey has been lagging way behind the expected GOP candidate, so perhaps this is the break he was waiting for--now he can run against Sarah Palin directly. I can see the ads now: "The War Hero vs. Palin's Puppet: Who Do you Trust?".  This win literally came out of nowhere, and it was only with Palin's robocalls that Fischer could win this nomination.
It's a race between a candidate who says Democrats should not be afraid to vote for good Replublican ideas and Republicans should not be afraid to vote for good Demcratic ideas. He favors retaining ObamaCare, Fischer vows to repeal it.  Fischer is a far right candidate from the Palin wing.  The race is on in Nebraska--and we may have been given a wonderful gift, courtesy of our friend Sarah Palin."

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