Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Palin Was Attacked In Obama's Campaign Opener Explained;"Mitt Too Easy"

I posted yesterday a column (reproduced below) about the Obama campaign opening including an attack on, of all people, Sarah Palin. I said I found it odd and inexplicable why they would do this. 

Fortunately a commentator at "proteinwisdom" has solved the mystery which analysis I reproduce below.

Obama Commences Presidential Campaign With Attack on… Sarah Palin!

Even the SCOAMF realizes this campaign will be a cakewalk, so he’s just a bit wistful I’m thinking for what might have been: having to face a substantial opponent. If BHO had to face Sarah Palin, now there would’ve been the campaign for the ages!

As it is, well, meh. He’s got this one, and he knows it…

Original post;

This is really inexplicable. Why would President Obama campaign launch in Ohio include a video presentation which had an attack, on of all people, Sarah Palin?

For a campaign that has also launched its new slogan "Forward" to jump back to 2008 is weird to say the least. 

Even odder is the nature of the attack on Palin. The utter condescension in the "brushing off' clip of Obama is pathetic and will only serve to rile up Palin supporters encouraging them to vote against Obama when they may have decided to stay at home rather than vote for Romney.

This does go to show that Palin lives rent free in the Dem's heads, including obviously President Obama's who, to the bewilderment of even Michelle Obama, chose to attack Palin at the White House Press Corps dinner. It also shows the depths of their hate for her and her ability to get under their skins to their detriment as the lash out at what to them is a two minute hate Goldstein figure.

How can someone who they deem as "irrelevant and a has been" still command so much of their attention? The answer is they still fear her potential to destroy them.

MSNBC reports;

"A video to rev up the crowd included a virtual highlight reel of Obama as a candidate in 2008 and then as president. One moment showed a clip of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, followed by a shot of Obama brushing something off of his shoulder. The crowd roared."

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