Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looney Left (Immoral Minority/Jobsanger) Denies Palin Assisted Cruz In Texas (Even MSNBC Said She Did)

 MSNBC has admitted Sarah Palin is a major force in politics and even the Washington Post has done the same. How could they not of course after Palin's amazing power was shown in the victories of her endorsed candidates Mourdock and Fischer and then Ted Cruz getting into the Texas run off election in July.

The holdouts are,as would be expected, the ultra-loony Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) sufferers foremost amongst which is of course the mad folk at Immoral Minority "Palin power is a myth" (sic) and some blog site called "Jobsanger" which somehow concludes that "Palin's 15 minutes are over". I would be happy to make book that the worlds longest 15 minutes has some time to run.

Both are now running with the meme that Palin really had not effect on the Cruz election-which takes some doing when even the likes of MSNBC admit she did. They come to this conclusion with this poll analysis

The Jobsanger rant links to the Texas Tribune newspaper article on the Cruz/Dewhurst election 
AT THIS LINK where they advise the graph . Immoral Minority runs with the same graph and the usual cast of loon's respond frothing and gibbering.

Lets look at the facts behind the chart;

These holdouts are of course distorting the record for their own purposes. PPP Polling-a Democratic Party pollster who works for the infamous radical leftist "Daily Kos " site got the election badly wrong where their final poll had Dewhurst (as the chart shows) at 46% to Cruz at 29%-Cruz being 17 points behind.

PPP admitted after the election that "there was a great deal of movement in the last week" as the final result was Dewhurst 45 Cruz 34 with Cruz 11 points behind. Further of the votes cast on election day Cruz was only four points behind. MSNBC drew the obvious conclusion-Palin had a tremendous effect in the last week when PPP had stopped polling.

As if that isn't enough proof the last non-PPP Poll, by a Texas polling Statesman Corp outfit taken before Palin's endorsement on April 25th had Dewhurst at 38% and Cruz at 26%-Cruz being 12 points behind. Neither of these two polls appear to be included in the graph. Palin endorsed Cruz on May 10th and first poll subsequent to her endorsement had Dewhurst at 40 and Cruz at 31 Cruz 9 behind-again not included in the newspaper analysis.


Obviously as election day drew near Dewhurst and Cruz collapsed all the minor candidates support and Cruz finished at 34% a big 8 points above the pre-Palin endorsement poll. Here is the first post Palin endorsement poll from a non-PPP source. Clearly there "lies,damn lies and statistics-I prefer to use statistics.

Dewhurst won early vote by 18 pts but only winning election day by about 6 pts so far.
And here is PPP before the election results came in ;
"Even though Rick Perry's candidate is likely to defeat Sarah Palin's, her endorsement polls much more positively. 36% of voters say they're more inclined to back a Palin supported candidate to 21% who consider it a negative. Perry's stock with Texas Republicans has fallen so far his endorsement is actually a net minus with 24% saying it would make them more inclined to vote for his candidate to 28% who say less likely."

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