Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Most Significant Blogpost In the History Of The Internet;Part 2;The Path To National Renewal


Mr. Gary North in part 1 of this series has shown that politics determines economic policy, and that nations and individuals survive the ebb and flow of the natural business cycle. Nations also survive the ebb and flow of whatever prevailing political culture directs economic policy.

Thus whichever political party directs the economy people will survive whatever degree of mismanagement ensues.

Therefore welfarism will ebb and flow to a greater or lesser degree at any one time as will booms and busts. That being the case it is reasonable to state that governments should be directed by people too whom morality is their absolute touchstone. All their social and economic policies must first pass the test of their inherent ethical and moral composition.

No matter the degree of animosity between Republican and Democrat partisans, surely nobody could argue with North's conclusion that a morality based political agenda is important?

Perhaps it might be argued that morality is one path amongst many, but accepting  that premise leaves  open whatever other prescriptions are on offer to being divorced from a moral element.

Simply, all paths to renewal have to be based on morality, and thus North's conclusions will suffice without any modification.

Looking towards the 2016 elections, on the R.S. McCain premise of a Romney "disaster" in Part 3. what might be the mechanism to effect a morality led national renewal? In the concluding Part 4. of this analysis a possible vehicle is presented.

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