Monday, January 24, 2011

Abandoning "F" Word, New Leftist Civility Condemning "Centerist" Obama:They Now Say "Intercourse Obama"

The upcoming State Of The Union Address appears to be the last straw for the "progressive" i.e. liberal left. All their dreams of a new "Hope & Change"
progressive America lie shattered at their feet. How is that "Hopey Changey" thing working out for ya Kossacks?

The snarky comments, of the sort usually reserved for the bilious poison at Sarah Palin, is now focused on President Obama who is "triangulating" to the center, which announcement apparently, will be the main focus of his address to Congress.

This address marks, they seem to agree amongst themselves (quite a feat in itself which shows the real depth of their anger) the final proof that, all along, Obama was really, and variously, a slave to "Big Business", a Republican, Reagan in disguise, a hoodwinker, and etc.

Their most visible attacks are on themselves, in a mighty showing of self-flagellation- for ever having been taken in by the "shape shifter". And of course their are the vows never to work for him again, never to contribute to the DNC (who are responsible for foisting Obama on their innocent backs)again
and never to be fooled again (fat chance).

One has to, no I can't help it, revel in the Schadenfreude. We told them during the long 2008 campaign that they were buying a bill of goods for an empty suit, but so strong was the Bush hatred that whatever bit of commonsense the possessed was eaten away at by the vile poison that circulated in their veins.

The positive things from all this rude awakening are that the youth vote will stay at home in traditional numbers in 2012, and even if Palin is the nominee the progressives will be so embittered they may not be able to rise to the usual standard of enthusiasm to defeat her. They may in fact take a "it will serve them,the DNC, right if she gets elected, which would be grand of course.

The real facts of the matter are that no matter how left wing Obama is, which he is, he saw that with the "shellacking" last November that unless he ditches the left, he will also go down in flames. The left has nowhere to go, except into bitter hiding, but they represent such a small percentage of the electorate Obama no doubt figures he can more than make up for their loss by gaining Independents.

Here are just a few comments to savor (there are plenty more across the raving left blogosphere for those who can be bothered to look) as the left views their idols feet of clay.
"I’ll admit it: Obama bamboozled me. I voted for him for the express purpose of keeping Hillary Rodham Clinton and the DLC out of the White House. So what did we get? You guessed it, the DLC.
I have no intention of lifting a finger for Obama or any other Democrat next year. Maybe they can get the corporations that fund Third Way to do their phone-banking and door-to-door work."

"Can we start calling him President I’m-Really-a-Republican-Whore now?"

WONKETTE (In an, even for them, particularly vicious attack)

"raise your hand if you thought that you'd be shitty drunk on a saturday night in 2011 fuming on our wonkettes about the sellout faux liberal negro muslin president who was too centrist once he moved into the white house?"

"Maybe we shouldn't say Fuck You to Obama. To show a bit of respect for the office perhaps we could say Intercourse You?"

Whilst all this is enjoyable the enjoyment is tempered by the fact that America had to endure two years of this administration, and even more sadly another (although neutered) two years. But on the other hand there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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