Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Left Given Up On Palin Rip Into Bachman-A Salutory Lesson For GOP Candidates With (Current) High Polling

The left, and "hoity toity" "conservatives" having given up on attacking Palin for self imposed, self-flagellation reasons, because of heeding the Dem's talking points "new civility" and because of sheer exhaustion have found new flesh to feed on.

Just look at the Alinsky rules( rule #5 "destroy with cruel satire/ridicule whether based on fact or not) radical spearheads Wonkette and Gawker attack dog websites vicious rounding on Michelle Bachman's "State of the Union" response yesterday.

The other reasons why there is a lull in the left/liberal/progressive/Democratic media attacks on Palin is there is a sense that, post Tucson that they went too far in ascribing personal blame to her for the shooting tragedy so they are, in the main lying low.

This hasn't stopped the occasional sniping or disgusting tabloid attacks on the Plain family but, compared to the immediate post Tucson vilification period Palin is relatively unattacked.

There is, in what Michelle Bachman is experiencing a salutary lesson for the prospective GOP '12 candidates and their supporters. If they don't believe for a second that the lack of attacks on them will cease and not come like a ferocious storm they are living in dreamland.

Until now Romney has been basically left alone (in fact he probably has had more criticism from the right than the left), Huckabee is occasionally chortled over as some sort of avuncular hayseed pulpit basher and Pawlenty as a "Mr. No Personality" whilst Gingrich gets a pass for being authoritative but also gets the occasional snarky allusion to his marital history.

If or when any of these putative front runners declares-or, worse for them, actually gets the nomination they and their supporters, who have been happy to see Palin undergo the worst sort of vilification imaginable, will be in for such a shock that they had better start building a basement shelter right now.

Those who remember 2008 will recall the left willing McCain on for the nomination, and when he received it, they turned the red hot furnace on him.

They must not be allowed to pick the GOP candidate for 2012 as the same game will be played.

There is only one person who has, for over two years, taken all the left can throw at her and who is still standing strong and the preferred candidate of the right's base, which, that base, will not be dictated to by the mainstream media.

Only Sarah palin is immune to the media onslaught that would normally follow the GOP's candidate selection, only she is armor plated as they have noting left to throw at her. Only she can run the 2012 campaign on the issues and future of America free from the distraction of having to deal with persona insult "revelations" and anything else the left would normally dredge up because they already have and it has failed.

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