Monday, January 3, 2011

Democratic Presidents;Slaveholders (9) Had Illegitmate Children; (3) And other Interesting Liberal Facts

It's no good the Dem's saying that today's Republican party is the Democratic Party of old- not as long as they celebrate Jefferson/Jackson Day as their main annual celebration relating to their party and as long as the Republicans do the same for their day with Lincoln Day


Number of Democratic Party Presidents who were slaveholders 9

Number of Conservative Presidents who were slaveholders 4

- GEORGE WASHINGTON (between 250-350 slaves; Federalist

- THOMAS JEFFERSON (about 200);Democrat

- JAMES MADISON (more than 100); Democrat

- JAMES MONROE (about 75); Democrat

- ANDREW JACKSON (fewer than 200)Democrat

- Martin Van Buren (one); Democrat

- William Henry Harrison (eleven) Whig

- JOHN TYLER (about 70); Democrat

- JAMES POLK (about 25); Democrat

- ZACHARY TAYLOR (fewer than 150);Whig

- JAMES BUCHANAN (2) Democrat

- Andrew Johnson (probably eight);Democrat

- Ulysses S. Grant (probably five) Republican

Number of Presidents who freed the slaves (1 )

- Abraham Lincoln Republican

Number of presidents who had illegitimate children (3 all Democrats)

- Thomas Jefferson; Democrat

- Lyndon Johnson; Democrat

- Grover Cleveland; Democrat

Number of presidents brought for impeachment (3 two democrats one Republican)

- Andrew Johnson; Democrat

- Bill Clinton; Democrat

- Richard Nixon; Republican
Wars D 7 R2

- James Madison War of 1812 Democrat

- James Polk Mexican American war Democrat

- Jefferson Davis Civil War Democrat

- William McKinley Spanish American Republican

- Woodrow Wilson World War 1 Democrat

- Frankin Roosevelt World War 11 Democrat

- Harry Truman Korean War Democrat

- Kennedy/Johnson Vietnam War Democrats

- Bush/Bush Middle East Wars Republicans

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