Monday, January 10, 2011

Left Starting To Change Anti-Palin Tune Now All Can See Loughner Is Unbalanced

It is too much to hope of course that the left will now admit that Palin had absolutely nothing to do in any shape or form with Loughner's rampage. They have been foaming at the mouth crazy attacking Sarah Palin as somehow responsible for the Arizona tragedy. the N.Y. Daily News even had headlines that she had "blood on her hands" in what must be the single worst "main stream media" attempt at character assassination-they have no shame in the lengths they will go to show their utter partisanship.

Now that the facts are coming out so a large degree it is patently obvious that Loughner is mentally unbalanced-that's all there is to the whole situation. The left are now starting to call for "and end to the vitriol" (taking the tlakibng points lead from Obama) and their comments across the blogosphere are noticeably less shrill.

This is not of course from any newly discovered friendship and love for humanity, but simply because they have nothing to pin on Palin. That hasn't stopped them totally of course, they are still rabbiting on about "these sort of acts, whilst not necessarily politically motivated, can happen when mentally unbalanced people live in an atmosphere outside of them which is one of anger (caused they advise by the Tea party and Palin particularly) and this might push them over the edge".

This new insight by the left is all on the surface-the hatred still bubbles under-I have seen calls for "an eye for an eye" i.e. that the Palin children "should be shot in the head to even things out". The left, under the surface, is still as rabid as ever and the new equanimity fools no one.

Through it all , and under the most terrible duress caused by the likes of Rivera and Olberman especially, Palin has maintained a quiet dignity. I have no doubt whatsoever that once the dust settles she will come out of this enhanced when those of a fair mind judge just who have been the ones to cause resentment and incite the furies. No doubt the left understands they have gone to far as they are already advising "Palin wins again because she is once again playing the victim hand against the "horrible ' left. If she is a victim it is because of the "horrible left" indeed-they have brought it on themselves by sowing the wind-they will reap the whirlwind.

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