Friday, January 7, 2011

Obama's Great Comeback Vanishes Like the Snow-6 Point Gallup Switch

The liberal media went Obama "Comeback Kid" berserk after the administrations supposed "month of triumph" in the lame duck session.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth after the self described "shellacking' the Obama friendly media decided that the administrations cave in on not repealing the across the board Bush tax cuts were a sign that the worst was now behind the president and he, by his new found spirit of co-operation with the RRepublicans (out of necessity of course) would bask in a grateful and adoring public gratitude.

The Gallup poll, taken in the period where this media adoration seemed to show that they had got it right and Obama was the new Reagan/Clinton comeback president. His polling on Gallup for the period December 28th to January 2nd was 50% favorable and 42% unfavorable-a substantial turnaround from his low during 2010 of 42% favorable.

Not mentioned in the media narrative was the fact that 50% was within the 45%-50% range he had been bouncing around in, albeit at the top end, and that there could hardly be a more favorable "feel good" time to take such a poll over the Christmas/New Year holiday break.

For the obvious reason that, apart from those two factors there was no reason whatsoever why President Obama and the Dem's for that matter, should be the recipients of  a new positive perception. Indeed in the latter case the Dem's have hit a new low  and the Republicans a new high in public support.

Since the 50% mark Gallup has shown a quick daily tracking poll downwards drift as post holiday reality has returned and today Gallup  (in polling from January 4th to 6th) has Obama at 46% favorable and 48% unfavorable-a return to net negative and a 6 point rise in unfavorable since January 2nd.

As the new Republican House hits its stride with common sense conservative policies, and Obama is seen to obstruct these, which the American people voted for overwhelmingly, it would be expected that Gallup will show a continuous decline in his polling no matter how hard the media tries to prop up their Comeback Kid darling.

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