Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before The Left Gets "All WEE-WEE'd Up (Obama) About WTF? (Palin On Greta) They Should Remember BFD ! (Biden)

Not that there will of course.It's OK for Obama to use colloquialisms of his own making which are vaguely scatalogical and "Uncle Joe" "It's just Joe being Joe" can do and say anything and get a media pass but woe betide Palin being normal in describing her puzzlement over President Obama's "Sputnik" reference.

Look for howls of faux outrage from the "progressive" blogosphere, the "lame Stream Media" as Palin so rightly called them and the Democratic party operatives (after they get their talking points as to how to dispose of Obama'/Biden's statements-I can save them the trouble-just avoid them and attack Palin as usual.)

Waves of hypocrisy forthcoming about Palin's "disrespect" for the President and the new "civil tone" which will be honored by them very much in the breech.

The really good thing will be seeing lib's head's explode and even more seeing those who are embargoing Palin sweat under not being able to co

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