Saturday, January 29, 2011

Obama Caught Flat Footed Over Egypt Despite Ex P.M. Warning In March "Social and political unrest if the problem of unemployment persists."

Not only does the Obama administration have "Blood on its hands' because of Bernanke's Reserve Bank profligacy as set out in the analysis by economic commentator Mike Shedlock, but also because it chose to ignore warning after warning to not keep propping up Mubarak ("He's not really a dictator" said Biden).

That this could lead to further, and massive bloodshed and the eventual installation a radical Islamic regime not only in Egypt but across the Middle East has been set out at this link.

The abject failure of the Obama administration to take pre-emptive action is highlighted in this report from author Aladdin Elaasar way back in March .

In his commentary he quotes, at length, various clear and disturbing economic statistic which showed that Egypt was in a severe economic crisis with huge unemployment, especially amongst youth. He quotes the former Egyptian Prime Minster Atef Ebid, regarding the unemployment "time bomb" and makes this prescient remark "Since there is no unemployment insurance in Egypt there was a tacit warning regarding social and political unrest if the problem of unemployment persists"

That the Obama administration seems to have chosen to ignore all this data and comments from leading Egyptians-surely someone in the administration reads the ultra-liberal Huffington Post-is a black mark against them.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Scott Carpenter said today that "The Obama administration had better get off its talking points" and do something to assist the Egyptian people to work towards a democratic administration. The alternative, and the path the Obama administration seems to be choosing is to have a radical Islamic region.

The public must be having severe " buyers remorse" regarding the outcome of the 2008 election-one can’t imagine a McCain/Palin administration managing this situation
so poorly.

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