Monday, January 24, 2011

State Of The Union: If Obama Has Shifted To The Right-Then We Might As Well Have A Real Republican,Like Palin, In 2012

America is returning to the natural equilibrium of being a center-right country after electing a leftist president due to a most unusual chain or circumstances. The majority of presidents have been from the right apart from an occasional interregnum due to wars usually.

The Bush years were no exception to this general rule and the wars plus a rabid ultra-liberal media running unchecked foster a climate of radical youth activism which helped elected a Democratic party Congress prior to the Obama ascendancy.

However, with Bush and Cheney gone and the public having had two years to many of leftist rule, the election in 2010 of a Republican House, and a majority of Governorships, was the first step in returning America to its natural state of things. The Senate and presidency in 2012 (along with the Supreme Court majority) will be the final act.

President Obama is "triangulating" as indicated in his State of the Union address-moving to the center. This is as per President Clinton's example-frankly, he has no choice of course, as he can't get any legislation through Congress and, not being an idiot, has seen which way the wind is blowing as regards any re-election chances he may have.

But this beggars the question, why in 2012 should the public elect a pseudo-Republican (which his erstwhile "progressive supporters" heartily agree he is, when America can have a real Republican president, like Palin for example, who can get conservative legislation through a conservative Congress?

This should be the overriding question of the 2012 election-it seems unlikely that Obama's coat tails would be long enough to bring in a Democratic House after the shellacking of 2010 even if he was re-elected so-why bother re-electing him at all?

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