Monday, January 10, 2011

Pharyngula The Most Arrogant Of Elitist "Intellectual" Lib Sites Runs Faked Loughner " A Republican" Document

Pharyngula an extreme lib site run by a myopic little man who spouts off in the most arrogant manner at anyone who dares question his enormous intellect. His views-which particularly in respect of Sarah Palin, apparently a pleb so low in intellectual capabilities it is a wonder he even deigns, from his Olympian heights, to even bother mentioning her.
Liberalism is a sickness of sexual frustration amongst the ugly and the young and Pharyngula is a classic example.
He is matched, well not quite as he is peerless in this respect, in arrogance by his band of devotees who follow his dictates with smug glee. His site is the male equivalent of Shakesville which also views the world in a Manichean fashion.
That this peerless being could be so caught out by an obviously photo shopped "document' which purports to show that Laughner was a registered Republican (apparently the originally circulated version had Tucson misspelled) is just delicious. He is a registered Independent (Memeorandum Blog)
The radical left in their rush to judgement are so tripping over themselves to point the blame for this senseless tragedy committed by a senseless person that the facts be damned.
All they are doing, which they are to stupid to see in their myopic haze, is to create a backlash against the left who are exposed as radical elitists who will stop at nothing in their attempt to foist their philosophy of extreme liberalism on a nation of people they obviously view as their inferiors


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