Friday, January 7, 2011

Left Out Of "Running For President" Speculation? Complain To Your Local Media

The media has no possibility of running out of "So and So is running for president" headlines/talking head speculation. After all they have the various local phone books to run a finger down and stop at random names.
Today we have Michelle Bachman, Rudy Guiliani and Mitch Daniels and, according to one site, John Edwards reported upcoming nuptials with Rielle Hunter are part of his first steps towards running for president again (and why not-this is America).
It is hard not to lose track of all the names being speculated about in the main stream media (sic),there being so many-Wikepedia kindly lists 43 declared or possible candidates including such luminaries as Donald trump and Jimmy McMillan of the immortal "The Rent is Too Damn High" party.
This allows for endless speculation about all the "exploratory committee's" being secretly set up, all the "don't want to be named but well placed "insiders" being quoted, all the "surprise visit to Iowa/New Hampshire on the cards".
Really,the best way to stop this seemingly endless nonesensical speculation (including ludicrous "poll shocks" two years out, is to simply not click on or read or watch the utter rubbish being presented to the public as serious journalism. But,do wait until your own name has had a run as you don't want to feel left out.

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