Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sullivan "Proud I Really Don't Care" About Palin's "Gay" Tweet.Then Does Column With Two Links.

They/he can't help themselves can they ! After advising that he doesn't really care about Sarah Palin's re-tweeting a comment by conservative Gay commentator Tammy Bruce which exposes hypocrisy towards Gays, Sullivan then, of course, goes on to have two links to the "controversy" in his column about how he wasn't going to comment on her.
Perhaps this was his new years resolution (one he shares with Charles M. Blow and Joan Walsh-we can only hope) which all three failed at in their first column advising they were going to ignore Palin "until she does something noteworthy".
It is interesting that these liberal doyens expose, once again, their unalloyed elitism as purveyors to the public of what, in their exalted opinions, they deem to be "noteworthy". Frankly I would be much happier if they, and their ilk, just shut up about her totally, instead of writing columns advising they were going to shut up about her-we should all be so lucky but, again, they just can't help themselves.

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