Saturday, January 22, 2011

Media's "Boycott Palin February" Plan Collapsing As Axis Of Bedevil Fractures Over Cash/Salacious Sex

The leftist media, who for over two years have engaged in an unrelenting, merciless and, as shown in their gross dereliction of duty linkage of Palin to the terrible deaths in Arizona, rotten attacks on Sarah Palin are split asunder on the merits of their latest efforts to nullify her.

As I reporte
d the left media, having seen that their campaign of vilification and destruction has only toughened Palin, whilst ensuring her supporters circle the wagons around her ever tighter have finally realized that all their efforts are in vain.

The best illustration of this is the remarkable Republican candidate preferential presidential poll over at "Free Republic" where Palin,(as reported by Gary P. Jackson at "A time For Choosing" got 81% support with no one else with a mile of her-obviously a defensive reaction to the media attacks on her.

What they have done is to make Palin armor plated if she runs for the presidency as they, the left, have shot all their arrows and really have nothing left. After their best, or rather worst, efforts over Arizona Palin simply advised she will not go away and will not shut up.

She has, in effect used the Ali "Rope a dope" strategy against them-taking all their best shots, giving a flurry in return off the ropes now and then, and finally, when the left has worn itself out, she lands a knockout blow right on the jaw. (metaphorically speaking of course).

So now they advise they are picking up their toys and going home. Charles Blow, Maddow, and now Dana Millbank advise they won't comment on her-Millbank for the entire month of February. Millbank also called on his fellow lefties to join him in this silent crusade.

He picked up some support. “ Outside The Beltway“- a sarcastic elitist blog is on board, “ Skippy The Bush Kangaroo” which, as childish as the blog title befits, advised they will do it "to piss Palin off". She’s sure to take notice of that earth shaking happening. Some blog called "The Impolitic agreed totally with Millbank, and Pamela Leavey at “The Democratic Party” will not mention Palin in February and "perhaps even longer".

This is of course wonderful news for Palin and the wider public too. For the first time Plain's statements will be heard without the distorting, sarcastic, hateful comment filter that the New York Times, Washington Post and the leftist blogosphere usually treat them with.

Frankly it would be great if all these assorted critics didn't mention her ever again-if only.

However, sad to report, the left has fractured on the great Palin cold shoulder crisis amongst them. Andrew "bareback uterus" Sullivan ( I will not link to him as readers might get HIVes) will report in February along with he advises, oddly, "The National Enquirer". Perhaps he is expecting the long delayed sensational report that Palin is not the mother of her Down syndrome child that he has been looking forwards to for so long.
"The Reaction” calls the boycott "silly, impotent, irresponsible". Interestingly "impotent' when used by palin was a word the left pilloried her for-but there wouldn’t be a word in the dictionary which, if used by her, they wouldn't find a way of attacking her about.

New York Magazine's Dan Amira doesn't commit one way or the other but describes one journalist who "took his own life" when trying not to write about Palin. Weigal at Slate, and Alex Alvarez at Mediate won't take a position, Weigal effectively throwing in the towel on behalf of the left, by advising the reason why the number of pages about Palin is dropping is because the left believes she will "never be elected" but Chris Weigant at Huffington Post straddles the fence- agreeing with Millbank in principle, but will still write about Palin.

That would be expected as Huffpost garners tremendous quantities hits on its special Palin "Big News" page where juveniles rant and rave about her in response to negative story after negative story.

At least the despicable Gawker and Wonkette blogs are honest in the crassness. They admit it is all about eyeballs on the page and as Wonkette says, in a vaguely racist manner "ching ching it' all about money.”

So a slightly disappointing second day of the great Palin silent February mission but we can still be grateful for the self negating efforts of those who will stick to their non-Palin month. The concern for them is that all that poison will be bottled up for four weeks which might be severely deleterious to their health-we ca
n only wish them well.

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