Sunday, January 23, 2011

UPDATE 4,310,062;We're Number 5,082,948 On The "Alexa" Bloglist (Top 3.3%) UPDATE;2.8% And Rising)Thanks.

According to the Alexa Bloglist survey This Blog, including under the previous name "Recovering Liberal" is poised to break into the 4 million places category.

That's from being in the seven million category just a few months ago. If, as Google advises, there are about 150,000,000 Blogs extant then, for a blog which has been only going for a year that's a pretty rapid rise. Of course five million is not in the Huffington Post area but, since I don't have the resources in staff, and money (my begging bowl so far has raised exactly $0.00) that Ariana has, then all in all it is not too bad going.

There are a number of reasons for this "rapid rise", well I think it is anyway. First and foremost this blog unashamedly supports Sarah Palin. Fortunately that is a topic which garners lots of hits from friends and foe alike.

Secondly I am blogging from an opposition to the government point of view-which always gives lots of things to blog about-defending a government is a whole lot harder, as the leftist blogs like Kos etc are finding out.

Thirdly I have been hugely lucky in having mentors and supporters, especially from the people at Sarah Palin Information Blog who have taken me under their wind and offered guidance and given me a spot on their roster so to speak.

Fourthly, I have lived a fair while and have, as Aneurin Bevan said "plucked wisdom from the hedgerows of experience" so I, hopefully have passed the young radical and naive stage, and can view the world and its ways from a mature framework of mind. It appears what little wisdom I have garnered is finding some degree of receptive response, for which I am truly appreciative.

My goal is to build on that and thank, especially, the 9 kind souls who have, for reasons known only to themselves, decided to follow this blog. I will labor away as best I can to get to the magic <100,000 placing where, according to Alexa, the big boys kick in, and at that point this blog might become a full time endeavour with a team etc.

Onwards and upwards (hopefully) and my sincere thanks to you who honor my efforts by looking in from time to time.

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