Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These Alleged Humans Ran Media Stories About Todd Palin's Now Debunked "Affair" .They Deserve To Hear From You


The Blog accumulator “ The Sarah Storm Report” has an archive of many, sadly not all, of the various Blogs/Media which ran with the National Enquirer "news story" alleging that Todd Palin had a relationship with a prostitute-the tawdry "details" are not worth revisiting.

They have subsequently been debunked, which result has of course not been reported in a degree comparable to the original "facts'. Sadly this to be expected of course given the hate of the Palin's by the left who will seize on anything, including attempts to make money off of them by making things up.

What is important however is that those who reprinted the original allegations and used them to tut tut or attack the Palin's,on no real rounds whatsoever, should have their disgusting comments exposed to the light of day. which light, in the glare of the subsequent truth shows their comments to be the evil, disgusting things they are.

Their comments-and we are not talking g about comments on blogs which can be excused for being 'tales told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing' are all the worse for having been thought out and created in a pseudo or real mainstream media environment-thus giving them an alloy of "truth".

These alleged humans should not be allowed to get away with it-it is totally wrong to expect an apology of course, but if they are emailed and any dent is made in their armor of hate, then it is an exercise of value- not least because they might, just possibly, think about the results of their actions next time-and you can be assured there will be a next time as they are all possessed by PDS.

Here is the link (at the top of this page)list of people who commented on the lies about Todd Palin-let them know your thoughts-I have, and their replies of self justification are an unbelievable exercise in sophistry.

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