Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A David Frum's Ridiculous,Weak Defense Of His Palin Arizona Insta-Tweets

Quoting an acquaintan
ce, which sentiments would be led to believe David Frum agrees with one would imagine, otherwise why would he include it in his anti-Palin piece we find;

“You must always remember that no matter what happens, and no matter who it happens to, the real victim is always Sarah Palin

It is always terribly disappointing when one goes to a site where one expects to find a higher caliber of intellectual argument and finds instead a childish and puerile element.

Really, what is to be gained by resorting to a statement which is impossibly silly-as if everything that ever happens everywhere makes Palin a “victim”. For Frum this does him no good whatsoever, but for the observer it does a strong service as it exposes the shallowness, bitterness and absolute obsession of the liberal left with Palin-to the point where “strong men are rendered weak”.

Frum’s column-which is a poor defense, after being under righteous attack from Melissa Clouthier.

This because of his near immediate reaction to the Arizona tragedy, including tweeting a copy of Palin’s so called “gun sight” map (with no mention that the Democrat’s had presented an almost similar map).

Frum joined a triumvirate of liberal commentators on Palin, attacked by Clouthier, whose comments included the “extremely grave” one, to quote David Brooks, (of which Frum makes no defense notably) by Markos Moulitas of Daily Kos (“Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin”.)

Events have shown there is no possible connection between Palin and the clearly mad shooter. This is no doubt a terrible disappointment to the left “if it proves political, unfortunate will be a mild description of what’s to come.” he notes.

However even though no connection was made with Palin, the left feel they have done a great job of making a victim of her-exactly the opposite of the tenor of Frum’s article-witness what one of Frum’s commentators advised on his site;

”I’ll say it again: We Swift Boated Palin (fis
t bumps all around”)

Frum joins the
liberal backtracking and their/his defense is so weak that they demean themselves with it. He asks why Palin removed the “target” image. The obvious reason is it was prepared for the November elections and served no further purpose. She can’t win of course, if it had been left on the site no doubt we would have heard how terribly insensitive she was to leave it there-but there is no logic in liberal land.

He then asks, incredibly, why she (in fact it is her team who manages the Facebook site) scrubbed all criticism. In what universe is it incumbent on someone to leave the most disgusting, scurrilous, rabid, violent-to the point of calling for her children to be shot in the head-comments on her site? Would Mr. Frum countenance murderous attacks on his family-I doubt it but for Palin to do so is, again acceptable to leftists “standards’.

Ironically the Tweets he mentions on his site in defense of his actions are scr
ubbed-sauce for the gander.

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