Thursday, January 20, 2011

Liberal Men From Mars,Women from Venus, But From An Alternate Universe Where Palin Derangement Is "Normal"

In a brilliant analysis by James Taranto in the WSJ, with an equally brilliant excerpt from feminist Jessica Faller, titled "Palinoia, the Destroyer. What's behind the left's deranged hatred" The major root cause behind the left's madness is discussed.

The conclusion, born out by polling analysis is "Liberal women are the active, driving force behind hatred of Sarah Palin"

The basic reasons behind this,seemingly blind hatred are twofold;

Jealousy (Palin has it all whilst other women have to work, cook, clean up etc.) and, above all, abortion. The fact that Palin walks the talk on abortion is incendiary to liberal women.

That's the liberal feminist Palin Derangement Syndrome explained. What about the liberal male PDS?

If there was any doubt amongst liberal males regarding the fitness of Sarah Palin and in fact any and all women to run for office it has been put to bed.

We have John Heilemann and Mark Halperin,in their book "Game Change" about the 2008 election, to thank for ending this age old question. Not only is Palin untruthful, an ignoramus, divisive (amongst a myriad of other faults) but she is apparently mentally unstable.

The great news is that this mental instability is not linked to any particular psychosis or neuroses, rather it is the inherent situation of her being a female and thus "post partum depressed" and also, one would infer, pre-menopausal. Thankfully the Daily Kos liberal posters have warned everyone to more or less turn away from television when Palin appears when she is post-menopausal as the image (heaven help a woman who gets old) may be too distasteful.

This now makes voting easy, no one of the female gender is by fact of birth suitable for public, especially high, office.The occasional lowly female Assemblyman (we can now dispense with Assemblyperson) might not do too much harm, especially if there are lots of male colleagues to help out or a doctor always on hand "to observe her" as the book suggests was the case with Palin.

We can now deny any woman high office,removing the danger of the concomitant 3:00 a.m. call (might be menstruating) diplomacy (time of the month) and heaven forbid, the nuclear codes (might be having irrational mood swings, or worse, be in a " catatonic stupor").

We can see another of Bush's crazy decisions-as a conservative male-was appointing Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State (not only a youngish female but a Black to boot). This in contrast to liberal Clinton's pick Madeleine Albright who, although limited by being a woman, was clearly post-menopausal and, possibly as a sop to Hillary, not beautiful-almost as good as a man.

At least we can say that PDS transcends male/female differences-not only are men from Mars and women from Venus they are,liberals that is, also from another universe where logic doesn't exist and pure irrational emotion is the norm.

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