Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Left Media Calling For Palin's Arizona Statement So They Can Jeer She's Taking Advantage of It

As Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner puts it puts it

"Call me naive, but maybe there is no grand political strategy here. Maybe Sarah Palin just realizes this is not about her — and she’s not going to take the bait from a media that insists otherwise. No doubt she’ll talk about it more after funerals and after Rep. Giffords is not in danger. But it would be hubris to walk onto Hannity a night or two after a shooting and buy into the idea that the political world somehow revolves around her. I don’t get the impression she thinks that way. I get the impression MSNBC and others are desperate for it to be that way. "

And as if to agree with that statement (and the Morning Joe crew insisting that Palin come out with a public statement) make a here is MSNBC's "First Read"

"Palin’s silence
: By the way, the silence from Sarah Palin -- besides her offer of condolences on Saturday and her email to Glenn Beck -- has been deafening. As Republican David Frum said in Andrea Mitchell’s “TODAY” piece this morning, “You can hunker down, and you say, ‘It’s not my fault.” And, of course, she’s right -- it’s not her fault. Or you can be bigger than that. You can go out and … you can be the leader that Americans want to see.” In many ways, this moment is a presidential test, and she's chosen to ignore it so far. "

The New York Times comments that; "Palin, amid criticism, stays in electronic comfort zone" and adds criticism of her from the ubiquitous and always helpful unnamed "some Republicans" Whilst Jeremy P. Jacobs at the National Journal calls the Arizona tragedy "A significant PR disaster" for Palin-that's the media showing all heart isn't it and showing what they think is the real takeaway from the tragedy.

Lets get real here. If Palin had not maintained the dignified silence she has so far and made any statement, apart from the truly saddened one she did on Facebook there would have howls of rage from the left. She would have been accused of "feasting on tragedy' using someone's death "which she caused' for her own rotten ends- "has this woman no shame" and, well you can write these insanities yourself.

Even the personal email Palin sent to Glen Beck, which was an exercise in caring dignity, may or may not have been intended for wider dissemination has come under fire. When the time is right, which this particularly sensitive woman will feel, Palin will make a statement commensurate with the dignity of the situation.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the rabid left will parse every word and find something to criticize-she is, frankly, damned if she does and damned if she doesn't in their eyes.

The final judges on this will be the wider public and I remain confident that all the smears and attacks against her will be seen for what they are by a public who are not fooled by this campaign of hate.

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