Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Has MIA Mitt Romney Joined The Witness Protection Program?

Lets see, in the last two months we have had a changing of the guard in Congress with the House now under Republican control-i.e. the natural order of things restored. The Governorships now in a Republican majority.

Following on from the landslide in the House, President Obama is, effectively, a lame duck ceremonial president who can only cajole but not get anything radically leftist passed-that is if he even has an agenda (beyond getting re-elected).

We have had a SOTU address composed of exhortations and platitudes, and Sputnik in the sky dramatics, and a call for even more government intervention.

There was the terrible tragedy in Tucson and the ensuing left wing madness blaming respectively the Tea Party and, especially Sarah Palin and then, after the attempt to inflame public opinion failed, a hypocritical call from the left for "reasoned, calm debate."

Now it would be, surely, a reasonable expectation for Romney, considered by the left wing media to be the Republican's candidate of choice for 2012, to have made substantial statements across most, if not all of these issues-surely that’s what candidates are expected to do.

All that we have heard, for all that we have read and seen from Romney, is silence.

What galls most is the total silence from him when Palin was being unfairly savaged over Tucson. It seems to me that if he had made any statement at all defending a colleague it would have only enhanced his reputation with the base. But there seems a lack of moral backbone and a self interest which has trumped the sort of action which could only have assisted his long term prospects.

I can’t believe it can happen, and will do all I can to prevent, that Romney can go sleepwalking to the nomination whilst being MIA and after Palin has taken all the blows that a spearhead does.

Again, it is Palin, (and Bachman) who have led the charge on the lightweight fluff of the SOTU, with any sort of powerful statement from Romney invisible, in the main media.

All that has surfaced is Gover
nor Christie of New Jersey having a dinner meeting for Romney where tactics apparently were discussed.

If Romney believes that this behind the scenes politicking, this not taking any controversial positions, not defending his colleagues against vindictive attacks, will ensure his selection I think he is on the wrong path.
Certainly the amazing opinion poll showing Huckabee running even with Romney in New Jersey is an indication of this fact

If, through these machinations and inactivity he somehow does win the nomination I would be confident that on election day many millions will be absent from the voting booths, and on the similar witness protection program he appears to have been on.

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