Monday, January 17, 2011

Feminists Stood Idly By Silently As Palin Was Subject To A Blood Libel to Their Undying Shame

It is of course perfectly legitimate to disagree with Palin's opinions. Not just to disagree politically and academically but, in the good old American tradition of strenuous discourse, sarcastically, stridently and of course loudly (loudly in the computer age is ALL CAPITALS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS !!!) 
What is not legitimate is to attack Palin as a woman, either her female persona or her physical female being. It not being legitimate has not stopped the liberal press and bloggers and their commentators from descending into the very pits of foul mouthed rampant sexism.The lowest of the low include The Huffington Post, Daily Kos and the beyond disgusting Wonkette, and of course Slate which was considered to be of a higher standard. The execrable Christopher Hitchens had this to say about Palin there; That bloom will soon enough fade, and it will fade really quickly if she uses it to prostitute herself to the Nixonites on one day and then to cock-tease the rabble on the next.
The Trig Truthers in their various guises are simply deluded and laughable, huddled together in their jealousy and conspiracies, and poor Sullivan in The Atlantic is off on another planet in his obsession-they are best ignored. It is now obvious to any observer that Palin is "she who must be destroyed" as she is clearly a major threat to the liberals.The fact is that not only is she still standing after all their best efforts, is driving them to unbefore seen heights of vituperative attack.
What this has done is to expose the feminists as first and foremost, a tool and adjunct of the Democrats. Not only were they happy to ignore Bill Clinton's escapades, (imagine if that had been Reagan) and quiet when Hillary was being torn down, but have been happy to join the chorus attacking Palin. Only when Letterman got into the gutter with his snideness about Palin's daughter did NOW stick its head above the parapet. 
Where were the howls of outrage about Newsweeks sexist cover of Palin? What would have been the reaction if that had been Michelle Obama? No one is asking women to support a woman politician just because she is female, but for the feminist movement to have any credibility at all they surely must now take a stand against the gross sexism, disgusting foul mouthed comments on the likes of Wonkette and Gawker.
There is however, sadly, yet another dimension to the left's attacks on Palin,which Gretchen Carlson so rightly highlighted-the attacks on Palin over the Tucson shootings were, in part, because she is a woman.
The so called feminist movement is, along with the wider left, totally shamed by the rush to judgement last week by all aspects of the "progressive" movement which jumped in, boots and all, to accuse Palin of having "blood on her hands" over the Tucson tragedy.
 Of all those who are shamefaced the most culpable are the feminists-not because of what they said, but because of what they did not say, as they stood idly by as a guiltess woman was charged with a blod libel.  Shame on them

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