Monday, January 17, 2011

After Palin On 'Hannity' & Righteous "Blood Libel" Defense; 4 Reason's She Should Be President

In Palin's elegant address to the nation after the Arizona tragedy, and her spirited, righteous, "blood libel" defense against the grossly unfair attacks against her by the left-wing media, the country saw greatness personified tonight in her interview with Sean Hannity.

To any neutral observer there must be no question that she has assumed the gravitas and depth of character required to lead this nation after four years of left-wing media and Democratic Party attacks on her, and the true fabric of the country (which attacks were soundly rejected in November).
Here are the four main reasons-politics aside, indeed reasons which touch on character, why this amazing person should be the next, healing, leader of America.


I hold with Paglia (Sex And Violence, Or Nature And Art) that the sublimation of the male Dionysian to enable society to function has led to specific aspects of male superiority and the rise of the Apollonian e.g. in the arts. However the Dionysian can’t be held in check “there is no female Hitler or Beethoven” and the negative aspects-war, date rape etc break through.

I believe society will only reach its true heights when the feminine principle is dominant in our political structures (with a majority of seats in Congress etc) and reflects the superior qualities of 51% of the population. I applaud the Scandinavian and Indian governments who have legislated a minimum number of parliamentary seats for women.

I will never forgive the Democrats for what they did to Hillary, whom I voted for-it is America’s loss this astute woman is not President instead of the empty suit incompetent with his equally incompetent advisors. It would be silly to vote for any woman just because of her gender-obviously I believe Palin has the right gender and the right qualities, which include the following;


It speaks to her moral character that she has held to her beliefs, when others might falter, and carried her child to full term-nobody can take that away from her. I don’t agree fully with her stance on abortion but lean to preserving life if possible. In this age of duplicity I respect her values and her living them. I respect that she believes in counselling and not legislating for further abortion controls. This allows for society to evolve to pro-life in a stable manner and accepts current realities.


She doesn’t have affairs, she tries to be a good mother.She is upbeat and uplifting, she has character and a love of ordinary folks. She has more qualifications than Truman but is cut from the same cloth.


The Beltway East/West Coast elites hate her. The ivy leaguers (including G.H.W. Bush) who got America into Vietnam/Iraq who love the great unwashed in the abstract but look down their noses at them as individuals are no more guarantors of economic or any other sort of stability than a common sense person (who has proven achievements) and who is connected to the people.

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