Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Years Till Ceremonial Neutered Presidency Ends Then Return To Normalcy Under Palin

The rebalance, or rather return to normalcy which commenced in November 2010 with the massive reaction-or shellacking- of the Democrats will be complete in November 2012.Then we only have a couple of months to wait until America returns to the traditional conservative roots.

As well as the presidency and house, the senate, with so many Dem's up for re-election, should be safely back in Republican hands. Presuming the Supreme Court has no further changes the situation will be as it was under Bush with Congress, the executive, the judiciary and the majority of governorships proving once and for all that America is a right of center nation.

It will prove also that the Obama presidency was an accident of history. That so many events could come together at the same time is remarkable. Two wars not yet satisfactorily concluded, an unpopular president, a skilled orator, an unprecedented turnout in Black voters and beguiled youth all contributed to Obama's victory.

However, so strong is the traditional political conservatism of America
that even with all those factors if it wasn't for the economic crisis hitting just before the election then McCain, who had pulled into the lead, might have won.

The missteps of the untried and inexperienced Obama administration, the pull of the radical "progressive' wing and the hubris of a badly misunderstood victory led to one of the biggest defeats in history for the policies and standing of the president, his team, who have departed one by one, and over 60 congressmen.

For all the hubris and energy of the first two years the results have been a real unemployment rate of up to 17% instead of the 8% the administration promised (before their economic advisors have also joined the revolving door). The wars continue seemingly to no purpose and the pledges to the radical left-removing the Bush tax cuts, closing Guantanamo remain flip flopped and unacted upon respectively.

Effectively all the Obama administration has to show for its two years, apart from incipient inflation, is its vaunted health care bill.

The people have spoken loud and clear as to what they think about this bejewelled centerpiece which will be picked apart bit by bit and, if the courts rule against the commerce clause, it will be as neutered as the president will be for the rest of his term.

The neutered administration appears to have no legislative policy going forwards, certainly nothing that can get through the house and probably the senate to where a number of Democrats in conservative states will not want to endanger their re-election hopes.

Should Palin be the nominee the path to her election, based on nothing more than historical realities as per the map below should ensure her election.

The common sense conservative policies she represents, and in fact instituted during her successful Governorship will, in conjunction with a supportive congress see America return to prosperity and even more importantly, as an underpinning of that prosperity, a regaining of its moral compass.

Let President Obama continue on as mourner-in-chief, foreign dignitary welcomer, trade ambassador
And good speech maker but leave the running of the country to the conservatives whose hands rightly belong on the tiller of the ship of state until a new pair of hands, in a dress this time, takes over as captain.

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