Monday, January 10, 2011

Can Obama Recover From Exposure Of His Supporters As Fanatics Or Will They Cost Him Reelection

President Obama himself seems, on the whole, as a decent person, apart from the occasional foray into the inflammatory language that his base is now exposed as using e.g. 'we will bring a gun if they bring a knife to the fight" and advising his followers to 'get in their faces'.

It was always understood that there was an element of hatemonger’s in the ranks of the liberal "progressive" left but the degree of mass hysteria, bordering on,in not in many cases actual hysteric neuroses that has been exposed by the Arizona tragedy is stunning and appalling.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting and with no facts, no justification, no reasons whatsoever in fact the leftist Democrat's and their enablers in the media went berserk ascribing the event to "conservatives, The Tea Party, Limbaugh, Hannity and most of all Sarah Palin".

The New York Daily News, in the bastion of Obama supporting liberalism even headlined that Palin herself had "Blood on her hands" in, apart from the equally obnoxious Krugman in liberal la la land, reached the absolute nadir of ethics in journalism.
Daily Kos, Firedog Lake and hundreds of other leftist propaganda mechanisms for the progressive left encouraged and incited their readers to spew forth a torrent of hate bile all in the name of somehow condemning conservative hate raising which, they raged, caused the shooting.

Over the next few days it was clearly exposed that the shooter had no allegiance to any conservative group and was not influenced by Palin (what a ridiculous idea). In fact he had been involved with Giffords well before Palin and the Tea Party were ever heard of.

At that point, with their knee jerk, feral instincts exposed, the left has started to pull back, as they have to as their argument, such as it was, has been exposed as empty rhetoric, and now are pushing the line that even if the shooter was not motivated by conservatives he lived in an atmosphere of hate which "may have pushed him over the edge".

There certainly is an atmosphere of hate in America and it has been fostered and has grown from the soil of eight years of unrelenting vitriol, hate and ridicule which the left and their media enablers, including the likes of Letterman, have directed at the Bush administration.

Now that the left has, once again done the idiotic thing and victimized Palin whilst stirring up more hated-including death threats, they have burdened Obama's election campaign with having to defend his administration as resting on a body of support from a great mass of intolerant, bigoted, radical, inflammatory, violence encouraging supporters.

How any campaign can survive the relentless exposure of its supporters as being amongst the worst elements in American society whilst pledging to go forward with a positive agenda for the country is a huge task which may not be possible.

Probably there will be a lift in Obama's polling in the immediate aftermath which is a too be expected result when there is a national tragedy but as wise heads take stock and reflect of what has happened-and the real reason why, Obama may find his supporters have inflicited disaster on him as well as the overall well being of America.

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