Sunday, January 9, 2011

Online Poll: Which Are The Most Hate Inciting Leftists/Sites

The terrible tragedy of the Arizona shooting has served one possible valuable purpose-it has enabled the most venemous, hateful leftist commentators, media "personalities', media outlets and the just plain mad to slither out into the glare of daylight.

it is almost as if a shot of adrenalin, with a tincture of arsenic, has coursed through the collective veins of the liberal "progressive" left and their hidden and not so hidden (not any more that is) supporters in the press-to the point of one headlining that Sarah Palin had "blood on her hands" in respect of the massacre.

Now that all these creatures have surfaced it might be an opportune moment to see which has risen to the top of the dung heap of hate as decided by the sensible public. Here is a list including  the very  worst of "human beings' (sic)  for you to vote for your choice-and if I have missed anyone/any outlet feel free to add your own.


Keith Olbermann (well perhaps in a particular order in his case)
Marcos Moulitsas (of the execrable Daily Kos)
Daily Kos Commentators
Michael Daly (N.Y. Daily News)
Crooks & Liars Blog
PoliticsUsa Blog
Gawker (The definition of filth)
Huffington Post
Andrew Sullivan
Ed Shultz
David Letterman

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