Sunday, January 2, 2011

Has George Will Gone PDS Mad? "Palin Can't Win Because She Can't Win Outside Chicago"

Thanks to Mediate for the ABC clip of George Will;
The Blue Blood Elites have so far succumbed to PDS that they have lost all reason. How an experienced commentator of so many years standing such as George Will can say-seriously-that Palin can't be elected president because she can't win the "collar" counties outside Chicago and Philadelphia is an absolute mystery.Putting aside the fact that Senator Toomey from Pennsylvania advises; that yes,she can win that state, the map below shows clearly that she has no need whatsoever of winning either or both of Illinois or Pennsylvania. The mainstream American voters in the South and Midwest, plus Ohio would be enough to see her through. the Beltway elite is so befuddled by the phenomenon that is Palin, of the like they have never experienced before, i.e. she won't bow down to them, that they have lost all reason. Certainly one thing is clear, their prognostications can be safely ignored.

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