Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt;Speak Softly & Carry A Big Stick /Obama Egypt Crisis; Speak Softly & Carry A Limp Dick/Palin; Restore American Exceptionalism

Instead of, as President Obama did with his Cairo speech "reaching out" to the Muslim world in a new kinder gentler manner" the speech, if it needed to take place at all with all its naiveté, should have, as Palin (or as a McCain/Palin administration would have done) reinforced America’s exceptionalism, its commitment to Israel, its absolute opposition to nuclear weapon proliferation in the Middle east-including a threat to remove the incipient creation of such by any and all means.

It should have, clearly and unmistakable made a commitment to democracy and the willingness to work with newly installed, secular, democratic regimes

When the Iranian people attempted a revolt against the election swindle the Obama administration should have, unreservedly supported their action in the streets. What happened in Tunisia shows that such action can be successful.

Rather than being wishy washy over the similar events in Egypt the administration should unequivocally support the rising. Otherwise by propping up Mubarak, if and when he falls the possibility of an Islamic fundaments regime coming to power-with all the dangers that represents is strongly possible.

It is unimaginable that a Palin presidency would have gone down the limp handed, or other appendage path, this liberal administration has .

There's nothing to add really except to advise of the further tragedy of having to wait two years for the new T.R. Sarah "Stand Up For America" Palin to bring America back to its, unashamed, proud to be exceptional, greatness in the world again.

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