Monday, January 31, 2011

The White House 3 a.m. Phone Rang. A Man Answered It-It Should Have Been Either Of Two Capable Women Palin/Clinton

"Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt"

So says Haaretz Newspaper in Israel. There is no need to go into great historical detailed analysis, the basic facts are that the inexperienced President Obama made the liberal wishy washy decision to go soft on Islamicism
in his fatal Cairo speech.

Then when push came to shove he didn't make the all out effort to temper the Mubarak regime, nor did he stop his foot in mouth VP Biden from saying Mubarak wasn't really a dictator. Can anyone now say that Palin as VP could have possibly been any worse than Biden?

Now the US is flip flopping all over the place, pleasing nobody and possibly laying the groundwork for a radical islamicist regime which will add to the coming "ring of Islamicist states" as the predicted outcome by an Imam yesterday.

Hillary Clinton warned about having an inexperienced empty suit in the White House to take the 3 a.m. call. This struck a note with the Democratic party voters but it came too late in the campaign to change the outcome-sadly.

I would prefer to have the other woman, Palin in the White House at this time, or rather, two years ago, but Clinton would have been better than what we now have.

Can we hold together for another two years?

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