Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The Other McCain" States Re;Palin's Address,The Previously Unspoken Obvious;"Predictable Whining From Media,Leftist Jews Ensues"

The fearless,redoubtable, to be feared Stacy McCain at 'The Other McCain' states what is blindingly obvious but, has not be overtly said by any major commentator of the status of McCain.

"Sarah Palin Breaks Silence, Accuses Critics Of “Blood Libel”
Predictable whining from media, leftist Jews ensues"

I have called this out a number of times, for example;
Time For Lib Jewish Commentators To Reconsider Knee jerk Reaction To Palin's "Blood Libel" Statement .
but of course this blog is a small voice and can be ignored. However McCain's can't. In passing perhaps it is time for his blog to drop the 'Other' part as frankly, his is the major McCain voice out there now.

Nobody is saying there is an organized Jewish conspiracy (although the fact of the "Journalist" wolf pack would lend credence to the fact there can be a conspiracy of journalists-Jewish, mixed or non-Jewish) but the simple, unavoidable fact is this;

Where there has been a signficant anti-Palin article or television pundit speech, it is apparennt, on a significant number of occasions, the most strident, most high-profile, and the most consistent in making the criticism, the purveyor is Jewish. That is a fact-it is not anti-Semitic to say so either.

Would, if someone commented about e.g. a consistent flow of comments about Palin from people with Irish surnames, anyone seriously call out "anti-Irishism" (to coin a phrase). No they wouldn't.

However,because, as I suggested in my previous articles, because of the historic Jewish defense mechanism, and tales heard at granddad's knee, Jew's can trot out "anti-Semitism" at will and have it accepted even when it is absolutely not justified.

In recent days the Krugman's/Klein's/Frum"s etc etc etc have excelled themselves railing against Palin and connecting her,unjustifiably, with the Arizona tragedy.

The contrast between the Jewish commentators and Black commentators is stiking,and frankly embarrassing. On the whole the Black commentators have been dignified, reserved and even politely dismissive of Palin, have been amusingly sarcastic and deserve the plaudits which I called for; Black Lib Commentators More Dignified In Liberal Media's Palin Obsession "

There are of course many Jewish voices on the right and who are truly independent, who have been supportive of Palin, and a number of Jews For Palin type bloggers, but they don't have the positions of influence in major outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and some of the large volume blog sites. The fact that McCain has simply stated the truth in his widely read site may, hopefully, go a long way to redressing the imbalance.

Obviously commentators have the right to say what they will, however the public has the right to know why they are saying it about Palin, saying it with such consistancy and saying it with such bile, force and at times outright distortion.

They keep saying she is irrelevant, has not future and etc-it that were the case then for them to contuinue to attack her as if she had a future shows that there is some deep down neuroses which farnkly they should consider some deep introspection about.

President Obama has called for a new empathy-these commenatators especially should think about that before they begin their next cycle of attack against Palin-it must gall them no end, and perhaps is also part of their root cause of PDS, that the one thing they can't say about her is that she is anti-Semitic.

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