Monday, January 17, 2011

Palin Reads Gettysburg Address-Liberal Media Attacks "It's All About Her"

Responding to an invitation from an Alaskan school to address a class on Civics Sarah Palin read them the Gettysburg Address as an example of a great American moment.
The media picked up the story and here is some examples of their comments;
Markos Moulitsas of Dail Kos; "Thousands of Union dead-'Mission Accomplished' Sarah Palin"
Keith Olberman MSNBC; "The Worst person in the World trivialises a sacred place in American history-Damn you to hell Sarah Palin."
Gawker; " Sarah Palin shows lots of leg in naughty monkey pumps in front of impressionable schoolchildren."
Crooks & Liars. "Once again Palin proves she is totally stupid by dredging up something offensive to our past and Blacks in particular."
Taylor Marsh;" Once again it's all about Palin the victim"
New York Times; " Palin's address doesn't condemn rifle using, slave holding, Confederate soldiers, thus there is an oblique reference to supporting right-wing extremism"
The above are just a snippet from the media/blogosphere-there are some hundreds of witty/angry/insulting comments from various comedians,directors,actors and the like along similar lines-for example;
David Letterman; "After the talk Palin went out in to the schoolyard and saw a squirrel polishing his nuts.
Palin is reported to be considering addressing an English class about Shakespeare's sonnets. The media is in a frenzy of anticipation.

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