Saturday, January 29, 2011

Imam; "A Circle Of Islam Is Coming In The Middle East". Who Should Deal With The New Reality-Obama Or Palin?

The BBC showed a religious service from the Middle east where the Imam, discussing the unfolding ,revolutionary events in Egypt and elsewhere told the congregation that they were seeing the birth of a "Ring of Islam".

We know we have the Obama administration and the policies of the Reserve Bank to thank for this development.

Obama for not letting the Iranians know, loud and clear, as Palin and Bolton have done, that America will not stand for the development of nuclear weapons. The policy of sanctions-speak softly and carry a soft stick, clearly has had no effect on the Iranian regime and has not shown that America has strength and fortitude.

Pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq, the opposite of what a President McCain would have done, leaves allies in the lurch to face an uncertain fate-made even more uncertain the revolutions now under way leave a chain of radical Islamic governments in the area.

The phrase "a circle" could also mean that Israel would be "encircled” by a mass of anti-Jewish Islamic states dedicated to its destruction, one of which might be nuclear armed.

As the British economic analysts Mike Shedlock stated yesterday, we have one person (and the administration which put him back in power) to thank for this dispiriting, dangerous sequence of events- to quote again:
"Blood on Bernanke's Hands

Most of the increases in food prices are due to droughts in South America, floods in Australia, and poor growing conditions in many places.

However, Bernanke's "Quantitative Easing" policies combined with rampant credit growth in China and India have led to increased speculation in commodities. That speculation has forced up food prices.

Please note that speculation in commodities is not a cause of anything. Rather commodity speculation is a result of piss poor monetary policies not only the Fed, but central bank
ers worldwide.”

The rise in commodity prices because of "hot money" has made the life of the poor insufferable hence the uprisings.These may welllead to radical, hard line Islamacist governments surrounding Israel.

It is a matter of regret that at this time of crisis where the Obama administration is speaking with three voices -Gibbs saying nothing defined, President Obama being wishy washy, and Biden’s "Mubarak is not really a dictator" being mealy mouthed.

The stark contrast with the forthright, strong willed and no nonsense positions the Republicans have taken-especially Sarah Palin who, in this time of crisis, is showing who would be the better president. The question is, can we, Israel and the world wait two years for the necessary transition from w
eakness to strength?

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