Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kos/Letterman Axis Of Evil Responsible For Arizona Malaise Through Acid Rain Of Leftism

If there is an atmosphere of hate in America, as the rabid left and their enablers in the media and Democratic party advise, subsequent to the Arizona shooting tragedy, then the blame lies squarely with the purveyors of hate and ridicule on the left.

For years leftists "progressives" (and what an Orwellian distortion of the language that word has become) at hate sites such as Daily Kos and Wonkette ( described  on site as a" War Blog") have poured out an unrelenting torrent of venom against the Bush administration. Bush himself in particular "chimpy" as the left called him took the brunt of their bile, but in reality anyone who does not meet their standards (sic) of radical leftism is a target.

These "patriots" raged and cursed against the Bush administration with no sign of the reasoned debate or respect, for the office at the very least, which they now expect everyone to treat President Obama with. Instead there has been a poisonous, endless, stream of negativity.

The postings, especially on the execrable "Kos" site saw no notion, no matter how far fetched/ludicrous presented as fact "Bush/Cheney will, rather than surrender office institute martial law in 2008 preventing the Democrats from being elected". "Sarah Palin lied about giving birth to her down syndrome son-Bristol her daughter was the actual mother" amongst just two of a legion of preposterous postings designed to misinform and mislead and contribute to the disintegration of the American  consensus for their own ends.

At the same time late night "comedian' Letterman spent show after show in presenting  a cavalcade of the most demeaning caricatures/lampoons/out of context clips of President Bush. The notion of respect for office-to even the smallest degree-not entering into consideration whilst the left-wing agenda was being pushed. This has carried on post-Bush, not against Obama of course, but against Sarah Palin where a vendetta appears to be in place.

The leftist purveyors of bile and ridicule have dumped, through the mechanisms of hate disseminating media, more social poison into the atmosphere than all the supposed "hate" the Tea Party supporters are alleged to have created (which they have not of course). This is the true "acid rain" which is eating away at the very fabric of American society. The blame for the poisonous atmosphere in America lies squarely at the door the radical left.

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