Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Aren't The Cowardly GOP Leaders/Prospective Candidates Supporting Palin Against Leftist Onslaught

Sarah Palin is being attacked with a venom I have never seen in all my years of watching and participating in politics going back to 1956. I actively campaigned for JFK and ran for office myself.
No matter how challenging the campaigns were, no matter how hot the partisan blood boiled there was a limit to the depths of fanaticism and personal attacks I witnessed.

The left and their media enablers have gone passed this limit in their using the terrible tragedy of the Arizona shootings to villify, condemn, implicate, lie, demean Sarah Palin as if she was the sole pepetrator of the shootings or loaded the gun and stood by whilst it happened.

That there is a terrible sickness in American society-brought on by the fanaticism of the left during the Bush years is without doubt, but the level of it has been surprising and is a major problem. It will not be attended to by the Republican party leaders standing by and watching one of their own-the last time I looked Palin was a Republican-being destroyed.

It would have been imagined that some of the prospective presidential candidates, the Romney's, the Huckabee's would rise to Palin's defense insetad of sitting back in mute silence hoping to gather the reward of becoming the front runner. Even if they had called for moderation and briefly mentioned Palin I would have considered them men, or rather gentlemen, but there is a deafening silence.

Unless they speak up there is one thing for sure if it does come to pass that Palin is is wounded by these uncalled for and wrong attacks that they get the nomination-it will be a cold day in hell when I vote for them.

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