Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Left Gives Up On Blaming Palin For Arizona Tragedy "It's All The Fault Of Video Games" or something

Over at The Atlantic the home of the most rational and stable of commentators Andrew Sullivan "Lord Sullivan of the Uterus" they have issued a special editorial. Interesting the commentariat now thinks Sullivan is so unhinged they have to disown him as a Republican plant !

"I'm convinced that Andrew Sullivan is doing an elaborate right-wing moby performance. He's pretending to be a left winger so that he can make Democrats look so bad that they'll come fleeing back to the Republican Party."

If Andrew Sullivan really does believe everything he types then it's going to take a lot more than an intervention from editors at The Atlantic to restore some sanity to his writing."

Now that it has been determined that Loughner was not a Tea party/Republican/ Palin supplicant/Limbaugh fanatic, it is time for sweetness and light-let's all be kumbaya together they opine.

" Many of the people who rushed to blame this on their political opponents made themselves look like first class jerks, an impression that was not improved when we got more information, and they doubled down rather than simply admit that they had perhaps jumped to conclusions. "

Who were these people who "jumped to conclusions" Megan ? Was it Michael Daly at the N.Y. Daily News who said that Palin "had blood on her hands"? Why don't you, in the interest of post liberal fanaticism around this incident, and in the name of this newly found balance-call out those who set fire to this issue? A rhetorical question of course.

However, in their new found concern for finding the "real" reason for Loughner's mad act they have hit on the perfect scapegoat which anyone-especially parents can agree with.

"zootfenster1 day ago
As more information comes out, I suspect that we will discover two things. First, his thinking process makes no sense to us. This is not a major tip off because half of my acquaintances make little sense on many subjects and they are considered "normal". Secondly, I suspect that we will find the young man was expert in first person shooter video games. It is actually quite difficult to hit another person with a handgun without extensive practice and stress reduction training. Video games improve hand - eye coordination and reduce the psychological blocks to harming another human being."
Yes,why didn't Olberman/Krugman et al think of this in the immediate aftermath of the shooting when they rushed to judgement?

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